General Storage Tips

For Controlled Climate and Regular Storage Units:

  • DO NOT place furniture, metal objects or cardboard boxes in direct contact with cement floor. Cement naturally draws moisture from ground and air that can transfer to your possessions.
  • DO NOT pack items against the interior walls of your unit. Place pallets, tarps or plastic sheets on the floor under items you are storing. Allow for proper ventilation.
  • Desiccant Bags (Silica Packs) when placed inside your plastic totes, furniture drawers or “contained” items, i.e. plastic wrapped furniture, garment bags, shoe boxes, totes or boxes containing paper goods/books, will offer a good solution to help protect moisture-sensitive possessions.
  • Leather furniture/shoes/handbags naturally carry bacteria. Storing these items requires extra protection to avoid cracking/discoloration and to retard the growth of mold. Only cleaned leather shoes/handbags and furniture should be stored. Always check with the manufacturer before applying cleaners, conditioners or protectants.
  • Metal items should be treated with rust protector or wiped down with oily rag.
  • Washer/dryer, refrigerators and freezers should be dry and doors left slightly ajar. Stoves must be stored cleaned. Dirty stoves will attract pests. If left in direct contact with cement floor – expect rust.
  • Drain gasoline and oil from all small engines.
  • Storing mirrors or pictures? Wrap in bubble wrap or place in specially designed boxes.
  • Always keep your unit locked.
  • INSURANCE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Contact your insurance agent to see if your renter/homeowner’s insurance policy covers your items while in storage.